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Two people, to be exact. Yes, in the grand old tradition of computer games cranked out by one guy in a basement, Octopus Motor is a guy and a chick (no basement, it's earthquake country). But we're working on this game pretty much's not a hobby. For a hobby, we collect pinball machines and watch the History Channel.

Game designer, programmer, and 3D modeler: started out at Spectrum Holobyte where he worked on stuff like Falcon 3, Stunt Driver, Flight of the Intruder, and Tank. Editor's Note: What? You don't want me to mention Welltris? He also worked on the PC ports of Maxis' SimAnt and SimEarth at Planet Optigon and on early games for the Sega Genesis at Razorsoft.

Virtually decades ago in "internet time" (42 years in "dog years"), he was Director of Interface Programming (yup, that spells "DIP") at the online gaming company Total Entertainment Network (later known as Pogo, now part of Electronic Arts). Lars served his time in Mickey's Army as an Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he developed attractions for Epcot Center and EuroDisney (later known as Eisner's Folly, now Disneyland Paris). He also recently worked on the DisneyQuest virtual reality arcades.


Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon: Moon Rocks, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Robert Heinlein)
Last Book Read: The Poo Bomb, Jeff Vogel
Listening To: Hit The Deck It's The Jive Bombers, The Jive Bombers
Fry or Laurie?: Stephen Fry
The Sorting Hat Says: Ravenclaw

Game artist (3D/2D), co-designer, writer and web doer-of-stuff: developer of the award-winning weird site, home of the Furby Autopsy and YETI@Home. has been featured in Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, the New York Times, USA Today, on CNN and ZDTV, and in a crapzillion other magazines and newspapers worldwide (the Furby Autopsy even incited public outrage from a team of Scottish child psychologists, something of which she is inordinately proud).

Her first artwork of note debuted at age 4 -- a complex piece in black crayon on the back of the family sofa entitled Looks Like Someone's Going To Get A Spanking. Since then, she has designed and produced game interfaces (Walt Disney Imagineering), web sites (various now-extinct dot-coms) and even highway signs. Sparky also spent some time at Microleague, an early (and also now-extinct) publisher of sports games.

Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon: Wave-Motion Gun, Starblazers
Last Book Read: The Areas Of My Expertise, John Hodgman
Listening To: Smoking Monkey, Jonathan Coulton
Fry or Laurie?: Hugh Laurie
The Sorting Hat Says: Slytherin

lars & sparky in lab
Weird science (that's Lars in the jar).
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